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Bits are one of the two currencies of Brick Planet alongside the secondary currency, Credits, and serves its own functionality: to buy clothes, bits, items, faces or even hats from the Store. Bits can also be used to create groups and change your account's name but, they cost more than most items in the Store.

Obtaining Bits

Every user will receive at least 10 bits daily, even if you don't have a membership.

Buying Bits

You are able to buy Bits with real money from the store. Buying Bits is a quick and easy way to help the website stay up as they're also cheap.

Membership Log-in

Users who have a Membership on their account will receive even more Bits daily according to their Membership's type: The Brick Builder membership will receive 100 daily Bits, the Planet Constructor membership will receive 200 daily Bits, and the Master Architect membership will receive 300 daily Bits.

Christmas Special Log-In (2017 Christmas Event)

If your account was at least 1 month old, you would receive 15 bits daily from December 12th to December 25th. This was also shouted out on Twitter.


You are able to get Bits in crates. They are mixed prizes with approximately 500-1500 Bits in it. They are very common in the crates, meaning you might open them up in a Crate.


If you win an official Brick Planet hosted contest, you could win an amount of bits depending on which place you take.


  • Bits used to be called "Coins" and could be traded for Cash (which was technically removed).
  • You can buy Bits.
  • You used to be able to get Bits from Credits but this was later removed.
  • Bits used to have a different icon. OldBits
  • You can get Bits by Game Visits 1 Visit = 2 Bits.
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