Communities (formerly Groups) are one of the main features on Brick Planet. This lets the player have a moment custom of the community, size or even have fans to show support. Users can create communities by themselves or join different communities.

Communities are a way to connect with other players in Brick Planet. Although there are many bugs, the feature itself is still fine. If you encounter a bug it's best to report it.

The fee is currently 300 Bits, although it used to be 700 Bits.

Members of a group can chat on the wall, make clothes for the store, share bits from the vault, and changing the settings, all requiring their respective permissions.



Verified groups are officially safe for you to join without being scammed. This likely is given out to popular members of Brick Planet like YouTubers, well known players, or having a Community pass they're needs. You can find out more information by going to this link.

They have a green shield with a check mark on it (previously a blue dot with a white check) to show that the community is in verified status.


Wall: You are able to speak to a community on the community's wall. If you are a mod in a Community, you are able to pin messages, delete and change settings for ranks.

Vault: This is the money that your community makes when someone buys clothing. You are able to give it out to people if you're a mod in the group.

Divisions: This is where the "sub-communities" are.

Store: This is where you can sell your clothing to get Bits in your Vault.

Manage Ranks: This is where you are able to change the ranks name and user's ranking. This also helps the community divide players into sessions.


  • Communities used to be called Groups before August 14, 2018.
  • The first user created group during BLOX City was 'Groups Fans' published on March 11th 2016 by the user Groups.
  • The first user created group on Brick Planet was 'Team Bill' published on an unknown date by a fan later on given to the user Bill himself.
  • According to Groups on a currently deleted forum post, the original fee of creating a group was only 250 coins during March 2016.
  • There is not really a size for Logos.
  • You used to be able to upload GIFs as Logos at one point. Due to the lag, it has been removed.
  • If you forum and favorite a group, the group will be under your character's profile. This also acts like a "primary group".
  • You could favorite more than one group before the update.
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