Brick.Master, also known as Brennan, is a former administrator and a co-founder of Brick Planet, Inc. He was an administrator from 2016-2018 and left the Brick Planet team voluntarily due to disagreements with how the company was being ran at the time.


Brick.Master was terminated for a blog post written on his website (which is now removed) that detailed information related to Brick Planet and the issues faced while working there.

A common misconception is that Brick.Master posted a pastebin link (which is now removed) of his article on Brick Planet and was terminated for that reason, but this information has not yet been proven as true. Information from Brick Planet employees at the time stated that the accounts posting the pastebin link were not associated with Brick.Master.


  • Brick.Master's account ID is 2, meaning he was the second user to sign up to Brick Planet.
  • Brick.Master's account was permanently erased from the Brick Planet website in early 2018, but appeared again a short time later.
  • Brick.Master was unterminated but his account has not been logged into.
  • Brick.Master now runs the World To Build website.
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