ComicSans, also referred to as TheComicSans on the BLOX City was a member on BLOX City, where he was an active forumer. He joined the Brick Planet community on June 9, 2016.


ComicSans had a mixed reputation of being on forums, being the fastest user, also known to be close friends with other popular users like Brick.Master and Bill.


  • Got into 'the 1% group', titled The Elite Order , made by Marcher.
  • Was one of, if not the only one who had recieved the unfinished product of BrickPlus, a scrapped plugin which is a successor to BloxPlus made by Jefemy.
  • Active forumer. Occasional trashposter
  • Claims to be 'Bill's rival' and 'The Fastest on Brick Planet'.


These are his past usernames:

  • TheComicSans
  • TheComicPapyrus


  • He was one of the users who owned one of the rarest items in Brick Planet's history, the Icy Sword.
  • ComicSans is one of the few June 2016ers were on the site.
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