Groups is widely known for being one of the oldest active users and a well admired former staff member to join during the BLOX City era. He is also widely recognized as the co-founder of the famous Brick Planet community Team Bill which was founded along with Bill and Exertioz during 2016.

Groups is known to speak in a formal way - especially, on the forums which was where he first gained reputation from during March and April 2016. He also gained quite a lot of reputation that same year for sending friend requests to almost everyone he met online. In fact, Groups was the user with the most amount of friends accumulated during 2016.


  • Becoming a volunteer Site Moderator during April 2016 thanks to his recognition and reputation gained from foruming
  • Accumulating the most amount of friends during 2016 - yes, more than Isaac himself! A user who recieved a friend request from him uploaded this video during his staff reign
  • Becoming the Manager and then the Vice President of the BLOX City Human Resources department during August-September 2016 and on November 2019
  • As an administrator, Groups  had the chance to alpha test the original BLOX City game engine during August 2016 as seen on this photo
  • Owning the legendary BLOX City 'Lumine Sicarius' asset during September 2016
  • Becoming a User of The Week 
  • Having his game: "The Planetarian Hangout & Cafe " becoming part of the featured/recommended games list on the official BrickPlanet games page during January and February 2020.


  • He created the first user-made group during BLOX City known as: "Groups Fans" on March 11, 2016.
  • He accumulated the most amount of friends during 2016.
  • He is the creator of the first user-uploaded BrickPlanet texture called: "Snowy Texture".
  • He is the first person to become an administrator twice during the same year.
  • He is the first person to become unterminated for more than 3 times in history.
  • He is the creator of the first originally made Cafe game on BrickPlanet - "The Planetarian Hangout and Cafe".
  • He is a User of The Week.
  • He is known to be a former YouTuber uploading YouTube videos regarding another site called 'Ruby Realms' - his YouTue channels' name is Groups From Ruby Realms.
  • His real name is Serdar Tekiroglu, according to this video uploaded onto his YouTube channel - 'Groups From Ruby Realms', in which he exposes his actual face and name through his Instagram handle.
  • He was an administrator for approximately one hour on November 10, 2019 after being apart from the team for over three years. He decided to immediately give up his intentions of working at BrickPlanet and resign in order to devote more time to study his education as the BrickPlanet workload was quite a lot for him at that time.
  • He is known as PlanetaryInnovator on this Fandom.


  • It was rumored in 2016 and recently confirmed by Groups later on in 2019 that after being fired and having his account termporarily terminated during September 2016, he exposed the current asset creator - Bean at the time, to Roblox customer support for exporting Roblox assets and uploading it onto BLOX City after slightly editing them (asset theft). And for doing this, he earned the legendary Red Banded Top Hat asset on his self-confirmed Roblox account - 'MasterSapphireFrost'. Besides this, it is also assumed that Bean was later on dismissed from the BLOX City team a few months later after BrickPlaet received a warning from Roblox regarding his confirmed asset thefts.
  • It was rumored and confirmed by Groups that Groups was unterminated for the third time on July 1, 2019 in return for having his Bits and Credits being taken away from him at an unspecified date and time.
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