Jackbusters used to be a small player on Brick Planet, but he still wanted to achieve many things and earn many items. He has earned more badges than the average player.

After sometime he became more noticeable as he was doing something big for Brick Planet and helped the Admins. The Admins noticed him and gave him the Seal of Approval badge. Jackbusters was thankful for his award and continued helping the community.

Later on Brick Planet added blogs, it was created for admins to make announcements, but later the admins added User of the Week. The first ever User of the Week was announced and it was given to Jackbusters. He became the first member to earn the User of the Week badge!

Later on, he made a group called Would You Rather? In the group Jackbusters would wait an amount of time and ask a question of what would you rather?

But as time gone on more people got User of the Week and other people got popular. Which sadly covered him up as he isn't as often as he was before. But it doesn't stop him for being an inspiration for new people.

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