Player is an active user on Brick Planet who joined on the older, and more widely known website, BLOX City.


As of today, Player currently stands as one of the more well-known users of the community. He is most notable for his activity within the forums and is also known for being an active member on Discord as well as TeamSpeak, while it was online. He is also notable for having the most name changes out of any user today, with 29 different names. His most known name being Player, which he plans to remain as forever.


Player has some achievements:

  • Became richest user in credits from December 13, 2017 (70,884)
  • Being still famous even through the change from BLOX City to Brick Planet
  • Being "User Of The Week"


  • Player has be on the BLOX City Blog once for a photo. He is hoping that this can happen once again.
  • Player has one of the best name snipes on the website.
  • Player was featured as User Of The Week on the fourth blog post.
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