Programical was one of those users that seemed fishy. Those who knew him were from exploiting the clothing assets from the Store.


On October 1, 2017 Programical exploited into the website clothing assets and stopped people from creating shirts and pants. Players thought this was a "glitch" or an "error". Shortly after, all clothings were gone but users, however, were equipping them. After a while, some clothing got through as well from this shirt saying "CLICK ME!" which cost one Bit at the time. If you click on the shirt, it haf no bio or anything; just a link that takes you to an exploiting page.

Programical then got banned from the website at an unknown time. As many users saw him saying his last words: "Bye". He was unbanned and given the Overlord's Crown for his help in fixing the exploit.


  • He had many fail runs at making his shirt. If you look at his backpack, they were four-to-five tries.
  • The page linked you to a exploiting page that helps you exploit big pages. This might be a adverted for something bigger.
  • He owns the Overlord's Crown.
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