Sterncross was a former moderator at Brick Planet. He was known to be one of the most respected moderators at the time being, along with Hermano.



While it is unknown the exact details of why Sterncross was fired, Isaac said in a post that he was making Issac "lose sleep" and that it was for the better of the staff team.

As of now he remains unterminated, but has been removed of all admin permissions.


The forums responded to this very violently with many people attacking admins Michael, Hermano, and Isaac. Many of them saying similar things when people were talking about previously fired, Alex.


  • He has gained over 4.78M+ net worth
  • He has gained over 1,000+ friends
  • His profile has over 22K+ views


  • He has exactly 4.55M+ net worth
  • He only has 75 game visits
  • He gained six achievements, the most recent one is Astro
  • He has the biggest Neon Gent hoard
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