Each crate has items with each having one rarity. There are five rarities with five colors. The five rarities are:


Crates are items that you buy to get special collectibles and prizes or just keep them un-opened as a conversation starter. Crates would open and give out hats that are able to change, trade or even sell for other people.


When many users found out that crates cost credits, that meant players couldn’t get the crates by spending money, or (albeit harder) winning a giveaway or getting a donation. Because of this, many users complained that it was unfair that the crates cost credits and not bits. This may be the reason that most of the crates are off-sale, as the system is disliked by many, but also because they are limited.


  • September 25 2017 was the first Crate Day celebrating the release of the first ever crate.
  • Crates always cost Credits.
  • Halloween Crate for a Halloween event. That is the 1st Crate that is for a event.
  • Both Crate One and Two are now off-sale due to a new Crate System.
  • As of the release of viewing items in 3D, you can now see what the sides of the crate look like.
  • On the 16 August 2018 users on the discord was able to pick the Crate System or Have a different plan. On the 17 August users have picked that they don't want the crate system anymore.
  • Crates returned on July 12, 2019 with a new appearance.


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