1. REDIRECT Template:ItemThis item was release in the Unique Crate 1 on the September 25th 2017. As of July 15th, 2018 it has 696 Owners and a rating of 4.8 by 26 owners.


It is a face with nothing on it. Which may also have deeper meaning, representing the fact that everything we do is nothing, read it as worthless, it's the face with deepest meaning on Brick Planet as of right now.


  • It's the Epic item from the Crate,
  • It's be updated once on the September 26th 2017.
  • The Faceless Face is one of the first collectibles to be released, and one of the first Epics to be released, along with L33t Hacker's Fedora
  • This face is limited in supply, since the Collectible Crate 1 was taken offsale on 12/6/2017
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