The Halloween Collectible Crate was the first holiday crate created on Brick Planet The crate was on sale for only 14 days, due to this short time limit the items within the crate are now some of the rarest items on the site.

In 2018. It was up back on sale as a last second thing for 3 days. (meaning this crate isn't that rare anymore how it used to be.


The Halloween Collectible Crate is a retextured black and orange with a pumpkin logo instead of the original logo version of Collectible Crates 1&2.


  • This the first holiday event Crate.
  • This has the old Halloween logo on the Crate another then the 2018 logo on it.
  • This is the rarest crate out of all the other crates.
  • This crate was up back on sale as a last second because they was no one to make any new hats in 2018.

Crate Content

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