The Vantablack Shades is a unique item originally sold for 1,500 Bits and/or 150 Credits on July 4th, 2019 as part of the July 4th 2019 Sale. It currently has 117 owners.


It appears to be thick sunglasses with a pitch black color.


  • The item was previously released as part of BrickPlanet's Unique Crate 1 on September 25th 2017. It used to be the Legendary item of the crate.
  • The item returned to Brick Planets' Store as part of the July 4th Sale during 2019.
  • The Vantablack Shades is one of the first collectibles to be released, and the first Legendary to be released.
  • Vantablack Shades used to be previously known as "Bean's Shades" - named after its' original 3D asset modeler, Bean.
  • Vantablack Shades are the opposite to Whiteout Shades in terms of color.
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