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The Administrator Control Panel (, is a publicly viewable subdomain belonging to BrickPlanet used as a portal or a login page for BrickPlanet administartors to access their own unique administrator control panels. There is no way for both a public visitor and an administrator below Isaac's power to be able to register an account. Accounts are manually and privately registered or, in other words, created by Isaac - the founder of BrickPlanet, himself. The content of the administrator control panel is confidential. Therefore, BrickPlanet administrators will not share how it looks like under any circumstances while working with BrickPlanet.


  • The administrator control panel wasn't always a unique BrickPlanet subdomain. It previously used to be its' own page viewable to administrators on the main BLOX City website domain during the BLOX City era.
  • Weegee - a former moderator who had worked for BrickPlanet in the late BLOX City era, was the first former administrator to selifishly leak information and even pictures regarding the official BLOX City administrator control panel in which he did by posting them on tweets published onto his official Twitter handle. The tweet is currently deleted as of December 2019. However, this tweet confessing his thoughts regarding leaking the admin control panel is still available to public view.
  • The first former administartor to confirm that is the current administrator control panel used by BrickPlanet administrators is Groups - who had worked for approximately an hour as a BrickPlanet staff member until immediately resigning the same day on November 10, 2019 when was available at the time. Groups also confirmed that the username used to log onto your administrator control panel is your BrickPlanet username meanwhile your password is determined by Isaac.
  • It is unknown exactly when had been registered as a BrickPlanet subdomain at the moment.