06 DECEMBER 2017

Collectibles, what is a Collectible exactly? Well I'll tell you, a Collectible is something that is suitable for being collected (that's the definition from Merriam-Webster's Dictionary). Though that definition does not describe to the extent of what a Collectible is to us.

Collectibles are items that we find profound. These items are a personality in themselves, and go to show who a Planetarian really is. Collectibles set you apart from the others and help to show that pizzazz that regular Avatar items can't give. We want users to be able to customize their Avatars and be unique and enjoy who they are. Going along with this, we want a working and semi-realistic economy that gives users the incentive to buy items and trade.

Yes, I know, we already have customization and a Collectible system. Though I'm here to hopefully answer some questions, and for some of you bring change that has been over-due. We've gotten suggestions and comments of the now retired Collectible System. Many people did not like it, and believed that it didn't really make Collectibles simply Collectible. Our new Collectible System is aimed at trying to fix this issue and other issues alike.

Here's What's New/Has Been Changed:

  • Collectibles will have an Estimated Value or EV (The amount the Collectible is worth)
  • Collectible Crates will only be on sale for special events or holidays (New crates not old ones that have already been on sale)
  • Some Collectibles will also be released separately from the Collectible Crates (Stock of these items will not be displayed and they will only be sold for a limited time)
  • Any user that gets terminated with a collectible will have a certain amount of days to appeal their ban, and after the appeal time is up, their Collectibles will be put up for auction.
  • Users have the option to display a net worth on their profile (How much a user is worth, this is done by adding up all of the Estimated Values from the Collectibles that the user owns)

Some of the aspects mentioned in the new Collectible System have not yet been released and are still being developed, nothing is final and changes may arise. We will always be open to suggestions and constructive criticism. So please let us know what you think of the new system within our Forums!

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